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The Boston Marathon is the world longest running consecutive marathon. However it has a very special place in my heart for another reason: Deciding to run the Boston Marathon only a few weeks before the event was kinda a last minute decision,,, and I hadn't done very...

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Join us in Ecuador... We are really excited to announce our first ever trail running adventure tour!... We've teamed up with our good friends from to organise an exclusive trail running experience in Ecuador from 11-22 May 2019. From the mighty...

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Our 2019 Big Adventure: The Hi Five Project

2019...The year we take on our biggest Ultra running challenge yet Click the link below for all the information on our exciting new "Hi Five" project for 2019. English Presentación_Inglés Español Presentación   To contribute, become a sponsor, or support us click...

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Shoe Review: The Hoka Evo Mafate

Its "Time To Fly" with HOKAs latest offering. . . The Hoka Evo Mafate is a Trail shoe that is designed for longer distance/ultra training and racing. You could call  it the "racing" version of the Mafate Speed 2, with some great updates and improvements. I have spent...

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Hoka Torrent Shoe Review

The Hoka Torrent is a light, fast trail shoe that is designed for those days when you want to pick up the pace. I've recently run the rocky trails of the French and Italian alps in a pair of these, and they work really well on certain types of terrain. Lets get into...

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