The Hoka Torrent is a light, fast trail shoe that is designed for those days when you want to pick up the pace.

I’ve recently run the rocky trails of the French and Italian alps in a pair of these, and they work really well on certain types of terrain. Lets get into the review and see what I thought about the Hoka Torrent.



The outsole contains a ton of multi directional high traction rubber lugs which perform extremely well in just about any conditions. The aggressive pattern is great on wet and dry trails, and it also seems to wear well and the lugs still have lots of life left in them after 100 plus miles of pretty rocky trails.

Look at those lugs!!!



Cushioning is less than the usual Hoka “marshmallow softness”on this model, as its more of a fast race day shoe. With a 26mm heel-21mm forefoot pad between you and the trail. It has a reasonable amount of ground feel and flexibility. Hoka are using their PROFLY foam which is more cushioned in the heel and more responsive in the forefoot. The rubber seems to hold up well and there is little sign of “compression” or “breakdown” after 100 plus miles (160km). definitely built for those days when you want to fly!



The upper is a breathable, light, engineered mesh which drains well. It has a mesh gusseted tongue, and the padding around the heel cup is ample. The forefoot is wide enough for me which I always like, and the mid foot locks down well and holds everything in place on those sharp turns and more technical sections of the trail.

Light, breathable, and flexible, a great combination



I fit a US Mens 12 and this shoe runs true to size and fits me perfectly, Toe room is spot on, and there are no hot spots or rubbing issues.



Being a trail shoe, you would expect that it’s going to get knocked around a fair bit. I’ve run in many different types of terrain with the Torrent, from the Dolomite mountains in Italy, to the UTMB course around Mount Blanc The shoe holds up well, especially in the sole and mid sole, the upper is showing little to no wear at this stage. And my shoes get put through some pretty tough workouts, as I’m running through rivers, mud, forests, and over some pretty technical terrain.So far I’m loving the durability.

hardly worn at all

The upper shows no sign of wear



This is a great race day trail shoe, especially for those days when you want to go fast

I mainly use mine for faster, less technical training runs, and those days in the mountains when speed is required. The only thing I found is a bit of a lack of forefoot protection on very technical rocky trails, so you can feel the larger sharper stones sometimes

Personally I love this model, it was designed with input from some of the top Hoka athletes, and it shows. this is my new  favourite fast shoe from Hoka, and I love to grab it when I feel the need for speed. 


Technical Specifications:

Weight (US Sz 9):    9.1 oz

Heel-Toe drop:          5.00mm (26mm heel-21mm forefoot)

Stability:                    Neutral

Best suited for:          Fast days, groomed, runnable trails, race day.

Rating out of 10         9