Running the world

Sharing a laugh at 3000 meters in the Chilean Andes

This is the story of two people. Both from different countries, different cultures, and speaking different languages, but with a shared passion for running, travelling, and living life.

My name is Ian and I love to run!

Running The Tarawera Ultra 102km, Feb 2018

And my partner Fran also loves to run!

Running The North Face 50k , Nov 2017

About us

We are both ultra runners who started running again in our 40s, and after meeting in an online chat in Instagram, we became friends. However as our friendship grew, we began to share our dreams and goals, and found we had many things in common, especially our love of adventure.

So after some long international flights from New Zealand and Chile, we both met in Italy, and yes, we fell in Love…Now that’s a whole other story in itself which involves more travel, adventures, and romance…However, lets save that for another day.

Our shared vision to travel and run in some of the worlds biggest Ultra races is what drives us to pursue this lifestyle. And when I say lifestyle, I mean we are fully committed to this way of living. We both finished working and have started to work on and build new projects, so we can make this a sustainable and fully funded way of living.

Fran and I really wanted to share these experiences, and in doing so, hopefully show people of any age that you’re never to old, and its never to late to follow your dreams.

We have made many new friends via Instagram and we love connecting with our followers from the running /fitness community all around the world.

Each week we will talk about different aspects of our adventures and lifestyle. From race reports, to gear reviews…Travel hacks (tips) we’ve picked up, to places we’ve visited…Also details about our training, nutrition and diet, injury recovery and prevention, and general information about our lives as runners and travellers …

Feel free to leave comments or connect with us via the “Get in Touch” section at the bottom of the home page.

Thanks so much for joining us on this journey.

…Happy Running Everyone…